“I don’t love you anymore!”

“I don’t love you anymore!” These are the most painful words a spouse can ever hear. Once spoken, the heart is shattered and only a miracle from God can bring healing. Those words come too quickly and too often in marriages today. Couples give up and walk away leaving a path of destruction behind in… Read more »

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New Testimonies +Videos

While on a trip with my family, I got on the internet in the lobby of the hotel and found an escort. I left my wife at the hotel and went and met the prostitute. Months later, this prostitute and her pimp tracked me down and showed up at my home on my doorstep. I… Read more »

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Go Ye Therefore…

Go Ye Therefore… Before Jenny and I married in 1988, we spent several years as missionaries with Youth With A Mission. Our wedding had a missionary theme with “Go you there­fore into all the world…” on the cake decorated as the world, and an open Bible and globe sitting close by. Everyone knew that we… Read more »

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How Could We Miss That?

November 18, 2012 started out like any other day. It was a Sunday morning, so we loaded the girls in the van and drove to our church. The boys were not with us because they were attending a weekend retreat. After church, we had lunch, made a few counseling calls, and got back in the… Read more »

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Freedom From Bondage (Paul’s testimony)

Freedom From Bondage  Growing up, I had the typical “Leave It to Beaver” family. Mom stayed at home and made sure dinner was on the table at 5:30 when Dad walked through the door. I had one brother, one sister, and everything I could ask for—loving parents, a warm home, and all my needs met…. Read more »


couples conference – a series on marriage and how to clean up the past – part 1

For a married couple to resolve current conflicts, they must first clean up the past.  Many times our current conflicts are tied to things in the past that were never resolved.  In this series on marriage, I will cover different steps that should be considered in order to clean up the past.  To do so,… Read more »