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Releasing Judgments

Would you like to change your relationship with someone for the better? If you do, then make sure you don’t have judgments toward them.   Over the last year, one of the biggest breakthroughs Jenny and I experienced in our relationship, came as we dealt with... read more

If You’re Not Perfect, Don’t Pretend To Be

Why do we spend so much effort trying to convince those around us we don’t have any flaws? What is it about us that make us want to appear we have it all together? In 2002, after I came clean with Jenny it began to dawn on me that I had spent 39 years of my life... read more

Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation (Part 2)

As I sit here this morning pondering the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation, my mind goes to the eleven precious women I recently spent the weekend with at “4 Days 2 Hope”. These women were there because they had someone in their life that... read more

Words can’t describe how much I appreciate what you and the team did for me this weekend. My journey isn’t complete and I still have some walls to break down but one thing I know for sure, on Sunday, the old Sonny died!! God is now making things new.

Sonny ~ Florida

My parent’s marriage was on the verge of disaster. Now, they love each other more than ever.
After seeing my dad completely break and change, I began searching for the powerful God who I had so long resented. I accepted Him after coming clean as well.  I am a different man because of it.

Josh ~ Texas

After struggling for an entire year trying to find forgiveness and hope, during this weekend I realized it was my own sin and my past that was blocking me. My marriage has finally been reconciled and restored for His glory.

Krista ~ Montana

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